ALCATRAZZ – New song online; New album next Oct. 15th !

« Sword of Deliverance” the second single from ALCATRAZZ’s brand new album « V » is set for release Oct 15th. Pre-order at:

« Sword of Deliverance” is a mighty, metal monument! A call to arms for the Alcatrazz collective. Loud, proud and ready! » Doogie White

As far as lead statements go, «  »Sword of Deliverance” is one hell of a reminder that when Alcatrazz is firing on all cylinders with all its guns blazing, it is a vital part of any metalhead’s day. And there is little doubt that Alcatrazz 2021 – Doogie White on vocals, founding members Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea on keyboards and bass respectively, Mark Benquechea on drums and Joe Stump on guitar – are the chemistry that is causing the musical fire.

Both vintage and timeless, the new album V treads the Alcatrazz textured-territories of old but with renewed vigor and verve. Whether it be the choral-echoes sitting inside the storming tempest which is “Nightwatch,” the staunch, speedy melodic metal of “Turn Of The Wheel” or the thick, bluesy chug of “House Of Lies,” there is little doubt that this Alcatrazz is going full-tilt with not one ounce of a shackle holding them back. In that regard, White’s supreme vocal work on all 12 tracks serves as the catalyst for their creative synergy, and not only that, his supremely positive energy brings the band closer than it has been since, well, 1986!

Produced by Giles Lavery and Jimmy Waldo, and mixed by Andy Haller (Elton John, Joe Cocker and System of a Down), V also includes guest appearances from Saxon’s Nigel Glockler (drums on “Guardian Angel” and “Blackheart”), Tank’s Cliff Evans (bass on “Grace of God”) and Donnie Van Stavern of Riot (bass on “Guardian Angel”, “Nightwatch” and “Target”), underscoring how perennially popular Alcatrazz’s music remains with their peers.

And just in case you’re wondering what V stands for? Alcatrazz’s fifth studio album of course… but it also stands just as resolutely for Victory; the victory that sees Alcatrazz 2021 stronger than ever despite all the odds.