Sonata Arctica – The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me (Official Lyric Video) online !

Sonata Arctica launch lyric video for ‘The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me’ from their upcoming »Acoustic Adventures – Volume One« album. Pre-order the album physically (Digipak, various colored vinyls), pre-save it or pre-order it digitally to receive ‘The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me’ instantly now, Here !

States keyboardist Henrik « Henkka » Klingenberg: « ‘The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me’ was a song that first appeared as a bonus track for Japan back in 2003, just around the time I joined the band. When we started to arrange songs for the second »Acoustic Adventures« tour in 2019, this song somehow kept popping up and we decided to give it a go. Our dear friend Masi Hukari who joined us on stage for the tour did a lot of the work on this particular arrangement and I think that his input was really important in how this song turned out. For this record, we used the live arrangement as a starting point and I don’t think the song changed that much, so what you hear is a slightly refined version of the 2019 tour arrangement. We decided to use this song as the first single since it’s really different from the original studio version and as always, we prefer to offer something new and interesting for our fans and for ourselves as well. »