VESSEL – new album out !

Vessel’s « Vagabond Blues » is a cosmic fusion of desert grooves and stoner blues from Australia. ‘Vagabond blues‘ is a 7-songs genre-defying tour-de-force album covering metal, doom and of course fuzz! It wraps the listener in a warm blanket, one a bluesy hobo needs when barreling down the tracks, in the back of the train cart lying on a cardboard box.

There’s blues here, cosmic blues and fuzzy desert blues. You can hear it in those easy to fall in love with stoner trucking tracks like Twenty Twenty and Red Witch; but it’s also present in instrumental spacey adventures like Atacama.

It’s not difficult to imagine yourself there, in the desert, under the immense night sky, tracking meteors and feeling the earth speed through the universe towards the inevitable. And the entire album feels quite like that, an inevitable strike against the boundaries of creation, a ringing singular beautiful strike, a hammer of the gods, that will sound on for eternity.