AMORPHIS – Halo Documentary ‘EP02: Keyboards’ online !

« Halo », the upcoming, highly-anticipated opus of Finnish melancholic progressive metal band AMORPHIS, will hit the shelves on February 11th, 2022 via Atomic Fire. With its release being only about five weeks away, the group shares the second installment of their accompanying studio documentary. Watch the trailer to follow Santeri Kallio’s tracking journey at the Church of Paavali for organ recordings.

He comments: « There’s a couple of opinions from Jens’ [Bogren; producer] side that it’s more melodic but for me it’s also much heavier than previous AMORPHIS albums, at least a few. It’s definitely more guitar driven, the guitars are in a main role on this albums. There’s a few songs where the keyboards are more present, like ‘The Moon’ and ‘Halo’, but mostly it’s super massive! »